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Classic Weavers began as a small carpet manufacturer dating back to 1996. We established ourselves a prominent small business in the Philedelphia suburbs. In the Early 2000's we had a manufacturing failure and had to shut down our carpet manufacturing. However, there was a collection of intelligent workers and brilliant designers that had a large history of working with weavery but no longer had the machinery. We searched for something we could design and then have cheaply made without machinery. All of our research kept pointing to Braided Rugs.

Our designers assembled a set of sketches and we hired a couple of in-house techs to build the initial designs. We made an initial set of products and sold them at trade shows, by ear, and local stores. Little did we know, but our Made in America logo and our handmade products drew a lot of attention and our products were flying out the warehouse. We are now looking at breaking into e-commerce and hope to introduce an e-store next year. To this day, our products are still made in America through work relief programs.

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If you are a designer, interested in our products, or looking for day work in the Philidelphia area please contact us.



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Our Main Gallery is almost finished. We have collected dozens of images of these styles and will be uploading the gallery soon

Best Rug Grip

Classic Weavers suggest a rug grip go with every rug to prevent slips and increase performance of rugs.