Native American Rugs

The America's were a widespread land of easily attained natural fibers that made it a simply developing industry. The Native Americans were one of the only people who developed weaving due to need and not for pleasure or decoration. The main focal point of decorative weaving arose in the Mid-West where the ability to use the rugs as an exchange for goods from the western pushing settlers became a valuable skill. Throughout the 19th century, the decorative abilities of the Native American people were honed and mastered. The conversion from weaving clothing to creating artistic pieces was the transition that made the Navajo stand out. These designs have flourished all the way to today. Many tribes still focus on weaving as a major and distinguished career. Therefore these rugs can be made from completely organic materials so it is important to have an
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Native American Classic Rug

This design was used by many of the northeastern tribes to identify the chiefs tent. This serves as an example of the many ways that the Native Americans used their weaving for practical uses. A design such as this could be simply extracted to form a garmet for the chief. It was just a matter of simplicity and practicality.

Native American Trade Rug

Many years later, the Navajo indians found out that the traders would pay more for more decorated rugs. This led to a massive spike in the production of these rugs and led to a specialization within each tribe. The traders encouraged each tribe to develop their own style that would allow them to build their "Brand" back in the colonies.

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