Turkoman Rugs

Turkomen rugs are a type of classical rugs from the Central Asia landscape. For many collectors all around the world, these are often some of the most treasured pieces and many of the oldest carpets in the world are made from this area. There are two timeframes that can determine the value of the Turkomen rug. Made before 1910 and those made since. In 1910, the Turkmenhaly was formed with the goal of increasing manufacturing capacity for the country which resulted in machination of the process and the use of synthetic dyes. While the quality of the rugs did not decrease at all, the price of manufacturing did which resulted in a price collapse for new rugs. If it was made before 1910, it was made by a nomadic worker or tribal craftsman. The sentimental value of these rugs have allowed them to keep price high. An important part of a expensive rug is the fibers from where it is made and the Turkoman rugs have some of the highest quality rugs available.

Turkoman Classic Rug

The classic turkomen rugs are well known throughout the industry for their designs. In particular, the Classic turkomen rugs made before 1910 and the rise of manufacturing will have easily identifiable designs called "Guls". A Gul is a design that is specific to each and every artist. It represents their personal and family histories and is usually depicted within an octogon.

Decorative Rug

A modern Turkomen Rug is the overdyed variant. It is completed by using a machine to attach many salvaged rugs and then they are treated to remove color. Then the weaver will dye the rug in their own method. This creates 100% unique rugs that are beatuiful will bold colors that draw attention. This was one of many methods that the Turkmenhaly implemented to encourage higher production rates.

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