French Rugs

France has always had a tumulutuous existance. All throughout the middle ages, France was a major part in most every war and this had an effect. The spoils of war allowed france to be a very wealthy nation with a very rich aristocracy. These nobles had money to pay for luxurious goods such as the paintings, sculpture, and weavery that the nation still treasures today. France in particular had amazing workshops all around the country that built rugs by the load for the use of the royal family and nobility. One of the most well known examples is the workshops at Aubusson that produced some of the most beautiful textiles that are in existance. French style has a focus on regality. This includes rich colors, complex patterns, and an aura of royalty. French pieces are usuallly dominant pieces of decoration in a room. However, this results in them often seeing more traffic than the normal piece of furniture might and as such require more cleaning than a normal flooring piece. When cleaning these pieces of furniture, it is crucial that the utmost care be taken. Some French Rug maintaenance guidelines can be found through our partner.

Regality Example

This is an example of the regality that was treasured by the French Weavers. They offer a lot of specialty designs and rich colors. Another Notable component is the use of rich floral designs. The center is a beautiful rose that was indicative of the beauty of the rug itself.

Catholic Influence

This is an example of the Catholic effects on the French weavers. This peice was commossioned bya cathedral to be a runner that was in front of the altar. The colors have a mild tone because the church did not want the rug to outshine the altar.

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Best Rug Grip

Classic Weavers suggest a rug grip go with every rug to prevent slips and increase performance of rugs.