Berber Rugs

Berber has been a rapidly rising chain in the industry. Its focal point of origin is in North Africa. It was developped as a way to use a relatively small amount of fabric. This is called a loop pile method of weaving. This means that rather than forming a cut pile that has a soft or decorative top, it has an undecorated and mildly colored top. A berber rug is tightly woven which means it is able to operate in conditions of high traffic. The combination of durability and ability to be made with a lot less fabric.

Berber Benefits

Berber rugs are made out of tightly woven fabric. These rugs are great for high traffic environments and it is not uncommon to see these produced in sizes as large as 25 by 25 feet. These large area rugs can protect the high value flooring beneath. These massive rugs can be a long term money saver especially in comercial environments. Large berber rugs are meant to be cleaned by Berber Rug Cleaners because they can be very time consuming to work with.

Berber Issues

Berber is one of the less decprative designs. The designs are very basic and are often not meant to draw attention. This means that they rarely have a strong pattern or a noticeable and memorable design. This can often mean they have a less valuable appearance. Also, because of the densely packed fibers, berber is almost impossible to clean. It requires a berber rug cleaner.

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