Persian Rugs

Persia was a crucial component of ancient history. It was the center of art, culture, and technology. The Persian rug is among the oldest of the decorative rugs and carpets. In fact, the oldest known decorative rug is the Pazyryk Rug from Persia. The extended timeline of persian rugs has led to a long history of excellence and time to perfect the art. Throughout history, Persian rugs have been a symbol of status amongst middle eastern nobility. To this day, it is well known for its brilliant patterns and classic designs. This is why Iran is still to this day the #1 producer of rugs in the world. Persian carpets are an excellent addition to any home. The Persian formation of rugs is a border area on the outside, a "wrap design", an inner border, and the inner high density design. Handmade rugs will use wool as the core with some silk decor. The machine made rugs are going to be made mainly from cotton. With the extensive price tag on these rugs, it is alsways smart to have Persian Rug Cleaning completed by a professional.

Best Machine Persian Rug

This Machine made rug is an extremely nice rug at a very attractive price point. All of the reviews are about how the rug is much more vibrant than expected and how it was moved to a prominent position after a number of complements. Our personnal favorite part at classic weavers is the fact that this rug is very easily cleaned. It does not stain easily and just simple vacuuming will remove the worst of the traffic stains

Best Hand-Made Persian Rug

Anyone who knows the business of home decor can immediately identify a hand made rug. It is thinner, has imperfections, and has a character about it. These rugs add a homelike artisan quality to any room. Also, you can be certain that your rug is unique. These are worth the investment without a doubt. These handmade rugs used to only be available to the wealthiest, but do to trade agreements, these can be yours at an affordable cost

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Best Rug Grip

Classic Weavers suggest a rug grip go with every rug to prevent slips and increase performance of rugs.