Tibetan Rugs

Due to the enviroment of the Tibetan area, the rug weaving industry was never a historically prominent career. This is very different than other countries where Rug Making often connected a tradesman to the local nobility and made him an important citizen. However, the Tibetan never had this large value on the career despite having some of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry. When the british entered Tibet in the 20th Century, they found a class of extremely talented weavers who did not charge as much as persian or Indian weavers for their goods. This led to a jump in demand and the formation of a strong weaving industry in the country. A Tibetan Rug is a memorable way to decorate your rooms. See our partner for clenaing information.

Tibetan Comfort Rug

Before the arival of the English, the lack of a powerful religous class meant that the weaving of the time was mostly focused on practicality. For many of the families in Tibet, they would purchase a rug such as this that would serve as a family heirloom. The head of the household would be permitted to sleep on a rug like this.

Decorative Rug

These did not become common in Tibet until the English Trade system provided a strong incentive to produce beautiful pieces of art rather than pragmatic heirlooms. The industry convertted around 1904 and there was a massive shift of the industry to produce rugs for export. The lower prices led to a boom that would last until 1950. For care information on these rugs see Rug Cleaning Information

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Best Rug Grip

Classic Weavers suggest a rug grip go with every rug to prevent slips and increase performance of rugs.