Silk Rugs

Silk is one of the most historically important fabrics in the world. Its creation and development funded the connection between Eastern and Western worlds. There is a reason for the high value. To this day, Silk is considered one of the most luxurious fibers to own. Real silk is made from the cocoon of the silk worm. As the worm prepares for metamorphisis, it will produce a cocoon that is made of a single long silk fiber. The laborer must unwind this cocoon and then spin it with other fibers to build a thread of silk. This process forms an extremely strong, smooth, and well silky thread. This process has been machinised somewhat in recent history, but it still requires a large amount of labor. Silk Rugs can be one of the most difficult to take care of. For more information please consult our partner for Silk Rug Cleaning. For more precise information on your particular rug find out whether you have a Persian Rug, Tibetan Rug, or Turkoman Rug

Silk Benefits

Silk is the most durable natural fiber produced as of yet. There are rugs that were produced before recorded history from Asia that have lasted and have lasted and are still intact. Silk has a beautiful luster that is not found with your normal fibers. It also is so fine that it is woven into a very soft and comfortable addition to your flooring. These are often some of the most valuable pieces of furniture in ones home.

Silk Issues

One of the main issues with Silk is that it is extremely expensive. A small amount of damage can result in a loss of value of thousands of dollars. This means that it absolutely needs to be cleaned by a professional! The luster of a silen rug can be easily ruined by an improper cleaning solution. Above all, avoid liquid! The silk can break down at an extremely rapid pace while wet. More information on cleaning Silken rugs

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