Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural Fibere rugs are made from a blend of different plant fibers. The quality of Natural Fiber can be dependant on the time of year that the plant was loomed as well as the skill of the weaver. Natural fiber rugs can have a lot of differrent sources including Flokati, Sisal, Seagrass, or Bamboo. Natural rugs are a thing of beauty and are a very eco-friendly solution for the normal home.

Sisal Benefits

Sisal is developed from the agavae plant. It is made by threading the leaves from an agave plant which are a maximum 1 yard long. This is threaded to form a dense weave which is tough and durable. Interior designers absolutely adore the ability of sisal to texture a flooring and provide a warm at home feeling. It can also be threaded with wool to form a soft underfoot that is favored by many homeowners.
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Bamboo Benefits

This is exactly what you would expect. An oriental plant that grows in wet environments and is extemely strong. Bamboo naturally splinters based on its age. The longer a bamboo has grown, the denser the rug it will produce when splintered. These rugs are tough and stain/scratch resistant.
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Flokati Benefits

This is a combination of shag and wool rugs. It is made using an excess of less desirable wool that forms a more desireable surface that is comfortable and very sturdy. The Flokati rug is very desirable in many homes and can be a very neat addition to a natural room. It is a good mix between a game rug and a design rug.
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Seagrass Benefits

Seagrass rugs are the most sustainable fiber in the world to date. They grow naturaly around the asian continent in shallow waters. The Seagrass has a natural pearlescent green shine that is quite vivid. The green fades over time to a smooth greyish green and softens even farther. The greyer seagrass is much more costly.<
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